Carolyn attempts to be 'work it' whilst dancing to the hits, the fact that there is no glass of wine in her hands is both astounding and somewhat relieving.

Fig 1

So, this morning I woke up at around 9:30 feeling quite smug over the fact that I did not have a hangover despite the fact that I really really deserved one (According to Julia “Drinks just kept appearing in your hand! I don’t know how it happened!”) after going out dancing last night until 2 in the am.  We had another My Awesome Mixtape last night and while DJ Zbornack did not don the headphones on this go I did dance more than I should have given the pain I am in (see fig 1) and also drank way way more than I should have and found that even though I didn’t take anymore Cocodamol after I started drinking I clearly still had some residuals left in my system which sped up the drunkening and began the forgetting of every name of every person I know on earth along with a variety of words that are usually fairly easy for me to remember.

So, right, woke up sans headache and felt smug, that’s where I started this.  then I went to see Russell the Physiotherapist.  Russell and I became buddies on Tuesday of last week when he stared at me in my bra, poked at my chest and then taped back my right shoulder to keep my chest muscles and ribs all stretched out.  Russell and I have an odd relationship.  We discuss customer service in America, what he should do for his 40th birthday, my boss’s bad fake American accent, differing personality types according to geography and how i am not allowed to slouch which is lame as hell because I am awesome at slouching.  Today Russell poked on of my top ribs and I momentarily lost the ability to speak because the pain was so tremendous.  I sort of hated Russell right then.  But he was pleased and said in his thick Geordie accent “Ahh that’s the spot then.” And I said, “Yeah, I guess it is,” and considered head butting him.  But I didn’t because that would have been wrong, I guess.

So now my shoulder is taped back up and my slouching abilities are once more neglected and my chest is still hurting.  Maybe this is my punishment for not being hungover this morning, a sadistic physio.  it’s really just as bad as a headache.


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