Article about Michigan and Obama

This is an interesting, and relatively short, article about the Obama/Biden campaign in Michigan.

Some good (and by good I mean interesting it’s just that I already used interesting in the first sentence) quotes:

“Some of Butler’s neighbors in a section of Bloomfield where blocks alternate between huge McMansions and ramshackle ranch homes were equally torn. (Most of the McMansions on Toth’s canvassing list were in a gated community, where a security guard politely — but firmly — told him he couldn’t come in to talk to voters.) “Obama, he is awfully young … I just think McCain has been there, done that,” said Carole Newsbaum, a retired hospital worker and, like Butler, a registered independent. “I feel better with him in that sense.” There was something else Newsbaum didn’t like about Obama. “I’m afraid he’s a target, and he’ll be in there about a year, and he’s gonna get killed, and then we’re gonna have an uprising,” she said. “It’s a bad thing to think of, and he’s a good guy, but I’m afraid for his safety, too. There’s a lot of hate in this country.” ”

“Unless McCain suddenly introduces a bailout plan to spend $700 billion buying American cars for everyone in the country, though, the economy is likely to matter more than anything else here.”

I find the whole concern for the man’s safety argument to be so disingenuous.  Oh we can’t vote for a black man, he’ll get shot.  What bullshit.  So we can’t vote for anyone too different because we need to concern ourselves with their safety as they are too foolish to worry about themselve.  Ugh.  So I guess we can never ever elect a president who isn’t a white man, because he or she would clearly be killed.  Except, wait, other presidents have also been shot and they were white men.  Hmm, I know Kennedy was a Catholic so that makes him, like, a fake minority or something, but what about Lincoln, Garfield and McKinley?  They were all white dudes and they still got shot?  If you’ve got safety concerns for the president maybe someone should talk more seriously to McCain about that bum ticker of his?  Just maybe.

Just ugh.  Why can’t we stop saying that America isn’t ready and just be ready?  If America isn’t ready for a black president, then why has he struck such a chord with so many of us?  Why did he win the primaries?  How did these things happen if we aren’t ready?

Just get over it, America.  Okay?  Pull your thumbs out and getover it.  He’s the right person for the job.  I know he looks different from the other guys who’ve done the job in the past, but seriously, it’s really not that big a deal.  Seriously.



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