Things to look forward to

  1. In November we are going to Prague!  I have never been to Prague but have always wanted to go and have been known to reference the movie Kicking and Screaming when people back in the US would ask me why I had a passport when I wasn’t actively traveling by saying “Because you never know when you’ll need to go to Prague.” But now I do know when I need to go to Prague.  The 20th of November!
  2. While we’re in Prague we’ll be staying at the Unitas Hotel.  It was a convent and then it was a prison run by the Secret Police!  I’m hoping for ghosts.
  3. A week later in November we’ll be having another My Awesome Mixtape night in honor of Paula and Harvey’s birthdays.  This will be fun
  4. It will be even more fun because it looks like my friend Lori will be visiting!  She’ll be my first Detroit friend to visit me in London and that makes me very, very happy!
  5. On November the 1st we will be having our 2nd Annual Halloween Party.  I will be the headless nun of Nunhead, unless I think of something better
  6. There is a huge Rothko exhibit at the Tate Modern right now!  And I can go as many times as I want because I am a member!
  7. The leaves are changing and they are very pretty
  8. It’s corduroy weather (actually that’s false goodness, it’s been corduroy weather all summer long (Freudian typo, I started typing winter instead of summer)).
  9. Almost 2 entire seasons of 30 Rock online waiting for my viewing pleasure (I’m keeping it to one a day to stretch out the joy)
  10. The new season of Heroes starts tomorrow on BBC2
  11. A new Jenny Lewis Album that I have yet to buy
  12. And other stuff I don’t know about yet.

These are things to remind myself of when I am feeling lame (both literally and figuratively) and grouchy.


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