• Dizzy Spells – I get them, I hate them, my GPs just shrug their shoulders at me when I mention them.  not okay
  • When gossip goes wrong – Last night I received personal info about my physio.  Now I will be judging him whilst he pokes at my ribs.  I don’t want to judge, but I know too much not too!
  • American treats – S’more flavored pop tarts make me happy
  • Naps – I like them but I don’t get to have them.  Why is this?  Why must I suffer so?
  • Medications – Specifically Indomethacin and Cocodamol.  Why can’t they just make the pain in my chest go away without causing dizzy spells and stomach pains?  And cotton mouth?  Oh and the nausea?  Why do they have to help and suck all at the same time?  Unfair!
  • My former workhate aka Stinky and my former boss – They worked together on an archiving project in 2006 and did not record the location of a bunch of files correctly thus causing me to run around like a spaz all morning until I finally figured their cock-up out.  Lame!
  • John McCain and Sarah Palin – You are both stupid and I hate you
  • Joe Biden – Why don’t I know more about you?
  • Barack Obama – please don’t fuck up over the course of the next month and a few days.  You really need to win.

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One response to “Minutiae

  1. 5 of 9er

    Just by reading that list I am certain we need to live closer together… you have part of me, and parts of LP. The dizzy spells (LP’s) are the worst.

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