Shameful moments in expatriate grammar history

So yesterday I was doing some knitting and watching some X Factor (because I am your English grandmother) when the following commercial came on:

Upon watching this commercial I said the following to Jeremy:

“That’s him from the Sex Pistols, isn’t it?”

 Jeremy just stared at me and said, “Yes.” And then I realized what I had said and how I had said it.  This is possibly the most English statement I have ever made since moving to the UK in 2005.  Prior to the move I would have said something along the lines of, “Oh hey, that’s what’s his face from the Sex Pistols!” 

The use of “That’s him from -” signals a huge shift in my syntax.  Normally I would say something like this in a mocking way, because it’s a silly thing to say, but this time I was just doing it without thinking, it just came out of my mouth unbidden.  The only thing worse would have been “That’s him/her off the telly.” But I won’t ever say telly in seriousness, I swear this to you now.  Unless, of course, I am referring to Telly Savalas.  Sure I’ve started saying rubbish bin instead of trash can, and pavement rather than sidewalk, but that’s more so people can understand what the hell I’m talking about rather than unwitting assimilation.  But this unitnentional use of mockney is inexcusable.

At least I didn’t say innit without irony.  That would have been too much.

Oh, and also:  What the hell Johnny Rotten?  Butter?  You don’t deserve to have your name remembered.


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One response to “Shameful moments in expatriate grammar history

  1. I was thinking that a good “innit” would have completed the phrase but you caught that yourself.

    Who’d have thought Jonny Rotten would be such a sell out. I mean, BUTTER? Really?

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