1. I am on day 2 sans painkillers.  This is not to say that I am sans pain, oh no, that would be asking too much.  But I am at a low enough level of pain that I do not require the stomach killing Cocodamol!  Hooray!
  2. There is a small kitchen / tea point at my office and whenevr someone goes to get a cuppa they will normally ask if anyone needs anything and one of the temps will always say “A frozen Coke!” Today I responded by asking if she might like anything I was likely to find at the tea point and she amended her request to “Hmmm, a cheeseburger!”  I admire her ability to aim high even in the face of constant denial.
  3. Jeremy made noises about having babies last week.  I had a minor spaz about this and came back to him with conditions I need to meet before having a baby which caused him to have a minor spaz which I reacted to with yet another minor spaz.  Seriously, we are not fit to parent actual children.  The cat has enough mental problems as it is, that alone should grant us (and by us I mean me) a reprieve.  Shouldn’t it?  Well?
  4. I am currently reviewing a spreadsheet of over 600 documents to try and sort out their status as either scanned, unscanned or rejected.  This is my glamorous expat lifestyle.  Staring at an Excel spreadsheet at 85% and trying not go blind, crazy or both (actually not so different from Chicago except that speadsheet was at 75% and detailed the order status of art books thus rendering it slightly less crazy making, at least there were pretty pictures occasionally).  I am considering ritual suicide or panhandling as alternatives.
  5. I have not watched any of the presidential or vice presidential debates, but I have read about them extensively and remain satisfied with my assessment of John McCain as a tool.
  6. Does anyone else remember the clip of McCain back in the 90s or ealy 00’s flipping out on an Asian American reporter and calling her a gook on camera?  I did a quick search on YouTube this morning but couldn’t find any proof of it there.  I just wonder how shit like that can have disappearred from the campaign entirely.  People keep saying oh at lest he’d be better than Bush, but I don’t buy that, he’d just be a different kind of bad. Neither better nor worse, just different.
  7. The sun is actually shining right now.  I would so much rather be sitting in a park or just walking around London or doing almost anything other than sitting at my desk right now.  Totally unfair.  Working is stupid.

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