Odds and ends

I just bought the new TV on the Radio album Dear Science and have become obsessed with the song Family Tree.  I think I listened to it three times in a row this morning and would have played it again if the damn UPS man hadn’t showed up.  He wasn’t even bringing me presents, just a new credit card for Jeremy.  Lame.

I also bought Acid Tongue by Jenny Lewis, The Stage Names by Okkervil River and for just 5 squid The Soft Bulletin by The Flaming Lips.  So far I’ve only listened to Dear Science in its entirety.  It’s a good writing soundtrack.  Also song obsession makes me a little crazy with the repeat button.

In sad news, James E Reilly, creator of Passions and the man responsible for Marlena’s possession by the devil on Days of Our Lives passed away.  Who will bring the inspired crazy now?  Do you think they would hire me to bring the inspired crazy?  Because I would be happy to do it.  How do you get a job writing for a soap opera anyhow?  And once you have that job how do you convince people that what the storyline needs (and needs desperately) is a chimpanzee, a living doll, a zombie, aliens, and or a satanic possession?  I don’t know if I have the powers of persuasion necessary for such a position.



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2 responses to “Odds and ends

  1. 5of9er

    Love Love Love the new TV on the Radio. It’s good they made a fun upbeat album. Okkervil cannot do wrong. And the Soft Bulletin was the album I started not caring about the Lips anyone. Sad.
    Yea for new music!!!!

  2. carolynintheuk

    and my favorite song is the biggest downer on the album, Family Tree. I keep putting it on repeat

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