Carolyn is full of hate

I am grouchy today.  I am not totally over the cold that kept me in bed all day yesterday and I would really rather be at home but I am not sick enough to be at home and as the supervisory type person I have to set a good example and I hate setting a good example.  It is boring.

I also hate the tights I am wearing today.  They have a saggy crotch which makes me walk like a penguin and that is stupid.

I also hate my half stuffy nose and my small headache and the grey rainy weather. 

I hate how sleepy and out of it I feel.

I hate that I still haven’t bought all the pieces to put together my Hallowe’en costume and I hate that I’m not sure how to make my hair do that poof in the back like Sarah Palin does.  I hate that I still need to buy decorations and look up a sugar cookie recipe.

I hate remortgaging the house and having to wait around on Monday for the surveyors. 

I hate that my throat is still sort of scratchy so I can’t smoke cigarettes.  I hate that I even want cigarettes at all.  I hate my lack of willpower.

I hate everything!  Everything in teh whole entire world.  No joke.



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2 responses to “Carolyn is full of hate

  1. keri have some good sugar cookie recipes.

    i’m with you on hating the world– the weather here doesn’t help much either.

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