Happy Hallowe’en!

Last night the Great Pumpkin brought us the news that our house is now worth £15,000 more than it was when we bought it.  Thank you Great Pumpkin!

Last night I also baked a ton of sugar cookies with grey icing with the assistance of my friend Paula and the unassisstance of the 2 bottles of wine she brought with her.

And now for a special holiday issue list

Costumes of Halloween past in near chronological order (at least those I have seen photographic evidence of or actively remember:

  1. Homemade pink gingham bunny costume wort at 6 months
  2. An Artist.  I wore one of my mom’s shirts and we splattered it with paint.  She drew a curly moustache on me and gave me a beret.  I carried a palate and paint brush around all day.
  3. Indian Princess.  Mom made me a dress and then we painted on authentic Indian markings.  I wore my hair in braid and had a headband with a feather.  I loved this costume and wore it year round wile playing in the yard.
  4. Dutch girl.  I wore a green leiderhosen type dress and we made clogs out of papier mache.  Mom made me a paper hat with yellow yarn braids attached to it
  5. Box of chocolates.  We cut a giant heart out of cardboard and then surrounded it with a red ruffle.
  6. Punk rock girl.  Often.
  7. Geisha Girl.  We bought some vaguely Japanese looking fabric and Mom used a pattern for a bathrobe to make me a kimono. Then we bought a cheap black wig, but it was too short so we used black yarn to create a bun and then stuck some gold butterfly christmas ornaments into the wig.  I wore full face paint to school and was completely unrecognizable.
  8. Tourist.  My friend Laura and I wore ugly bermuda shorts and mismatched tops and put white makeup on our noses.  We wore visors and carried around cameras, maps and sunglasses all day.
  9. After a long halloween drought I was informed by my manager at the Cass Cafe that I had to dress up for my shift.  I came in as an old school diner waitress.  Red wig, cat’s eye glasses, fake mole, orange Saunder’s dress, support hose, and orthopedic looking shoes.  I was called Mavis. Later in the evening I attended a party where I changed into heels and fishnets, Mavis was a bit of a vamp.  I also fell into a bush and ended up drunk and weeping in my friend Chris’s truck on the way home demanding to know why boys didn’t like me in great gasping sobs.  Mavis was also, all class.
  10. A writer.  This was high concept.  i wore a t shirt that said FICTION, an old cardigan, ratty cords with a copy of On the Road in the back pocket and clipped pencils into my hair.  I spent most of that party smoking cigarettes on the porch.  I was in character!
  11. A Gypsy (a very last minute costume idea)
  12. A Cat Burglar.  I wore and black and white striped turtelneck, black trousers and black cap.  I painted a beard on and then carried around a sack of cats.  Get it?  Cat Burglar, burglar of cats!  Genius.
  13. This year for one party I shall be a casualty of our current economic crisis, with a box of office belongings, fake p45 and pink slip along with runny eye makeup and disheveled appearance.  Tomorrow I shall be Sarah Palin with many of the obvious accoutrements, including a pretty awesome, if I may toot my own horn, Palin accent.

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  1. shit! I gave my opinion about Sarah Palin costumes before I saw this! No offense taken, I hope!

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