Anton Chigurrh strikes again

So towards the end of our party Anton Chigurrh was passed out on the steps, there was a witch sleeping in the hallway as well, and I was trying to get upstairs to have a pee.  I carefully tried to maneuver around the sleepy assassin but my feet slipped and I tumbled backwards about halfway down the stairs.  Anton slept on.  As a result I currently feel as if I have been in a car accident.

After I fell Anton’s girlfriend, Enid from Ghostworld (who knew!) got him to vacate the stairs and he promptly went up to my beautiful bathroom and vomitted all over the damn place.  He did mostly clean up after himself but we did find some unfortunate splatters behind the sink and on the wall. Thanks Anton!

We also think someone might have puked in the sink based on some suspicious content discovered Sunday morning.  The sink has been soaked in bleach,

These would be the lowlights of an otherwise awesome party.  We had four Sarah Palin’s (one came with a Secret Service Agent and flyers for the 2012 elections), 1 John McCain, 2 of The Dude, 2 scary clowns, one Shaun of the Dead, a controversial Gollywog in black face, the little girl from the ring, Jane Eyre’s madwoman in the attic, the Blue Screen of Death, Frankenstein’s monster, Zombie Thelma and Louise, John Waters, a fairy Goth mother, and many others.

It was lots of fun, but I’m glad we’ve had our party for the year.  Cleaning up puke is like my least favorite thing of all time.



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3 responses to “Anton Chigurrh strikes again

  1. That’s just like Anton….

    did he have his scary cattle killer?

    I’m sort of glad I didn’t go out for H’ween and see all the Sarah Palins. What an easy/lame costume, in my opinion.

  2. carolynintheuk

    no worries, i know it was easy that’s why i chose it 🙂

  3. carolynintheuk

    oh and yes he did have the cattle killer, made from a bike pump!

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