Not talking about the elections

Nope, I’m not talking about the elections yet, even though my insides are curdling as I wait for America to wake up and get it over with already!  Some of us voted weeks ago, jerks.


Anyhow in not election news I am reading People of the Book by Geraldine Brooks who is now officially one of my favorite authors of all time. She also wrote Year of Wonders and March.  I read Year of Wonders shortly after it came out and remember thinking that it was just okay, but found myself thinking about weeks and months and now years later, and remembering pieces of it and the emotions it left me with.  I need to reread this book.

Then I read March and I was in proper awe.  Little Women was possibly the first full length novel I ever read.  I still love that book and the story of it.  I credit Louisa May Alcott with being one of the sparks in my life that made me long to write.  Along with my 1st grade teacher Miss Meiske and a general desire to tell and love for stories. But anyhow, when I read the back of March I was intrigued and then when I read the book I was hooked.  It’s a phenomenal novel and adds new dimensions to peripheral character who barely factors into the classic he was drawn from.  Truly, no parent could ever match up to Marmie, so it’s probably for the best that Alcott kept him on the sidelines.  But Brooks gives him full and true life.  She also gives new life to Marmie and takes her from idealised mother to actual person.  I cannot recommend this novel enough.

I’m only about halfway through People of the Book, but already, one scene has made me gasp aloud on the bus at its mix of starkness and sorrow.  Brooks’ writing is not showy or pretentious, what it is is completely engaging and beautiful.  I admire her ability more than I can say and am looking forward to reading the rest of this book.


Yesterday I had the strangest dream.  I was living with my parents and Jeremy back in Port Huron and, understandably, I was having a mental breakdown.  So I called an old friend from college to come rescue me.  And rescue me he came, with his nonexistent wife and three young daughters.  In an ice cream truck.  And we all set off on a road trip to find our old professor who we seemed to believe was in NYC, because somehow this would make me better.  My alarm went off before we made it to New York so I’ll never know if I achieved mental stability whilst traveling in the ice cream truck.


I continue to suffer the after effects of my tumble down the stairs.  I am achy all over.  It’s like a milder version of my aches and pains after the car accident last year.  Definitely not the same, but in the same family.  And still not fun, especially right when I wake up and all my limbs and joints are stiff and sore.  I’m hoping that like the whiplash, after day 3 (today) the pain will improve.  Until then, at least I have some Aleve in my bag.


So have you voted yet?  Did Obama win yet?  Can I have hope for my country again?  Maybe? Please?


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