I AM proud to be an American

I only stayed up until about 1:30 last night and then I just couldn’t keep my eyes open, so I went to bed.  But when I woke up there were giant barack Obama faces on the BBC morning news and I jumped up and down with joy.  Then I ran upstairs and jumped on the bed yelling to Jeremy “I finally voted for a winner!” Then I ran to turn on the computer, then I ran to watch the news some more, then I ran back to the computer to look up his acceptance speach and then Jeremy yelled “Why are you running so much?” and I yelled back “Because I’m excited!” 

He hates it when I run up and down the stairs, he seems to think I’ll break the house or something.  This usually just makes me run more because I am, at heart, only about 12 years old and am therefore prone to irrational acts of rebellion. But today I was too happy to bring him extra grief so i lightly scampered back upstairs and watched Obama’s acceptance speech in Grant Park (do I need to point out how much I wish I could have been there?  Because I REALLY wish I could have been there.) and totally cried some happy tears, especially when he promised his daughters a puppy.  I mean how awesome, you’re dad’s the president AND you get a puppy.  Banner day for Malia and Sasha.

This is so much better than 2004 when I celebrated by crying in a corner of Trafalgar Square as I told Jeremy that we were definitely not moving back for at least 4 years.


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4 responses to “I AM proud to be an American

  1. The puppy comment was a clincher, wasn’t it? My heart bursts when I think THAT is our new first family!!

    I’ll be giddy and on the verge of tears all day today.

  2. carolynintheuk

    do you think they knew they were getting a puppy before he said it? i hope they didn’t because that would make it extra awesome

  3. Ya know, you were one of the first people to make me aware of Obama, back in your Chicago days. So thank you for that!

    USA! USA! USA!

  4. carolynintheuk

    sweet, i’m glad i was able to spread the word!

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