And the pride is followed by the sad

It totally sucks that Proposition 8 passed in California.  If the hippie state can’t keep shit like that from passing what does that say about our country?  I really truly don’t get the huge opposition to gay marriage.  It just seems like sucha  waste of time to me.  If you don’t want to marry or do sex with a member of the same sex, you don’t have to, and probably, no one will try to convince you to change teams either.  Unless you are like, exceptionally hot, and probably you aren’t so don’t worry about it.

Also on a totally practical and somewhat mercenary level, I wonder if anyone has thought of the revenue legalising gay marriage could bring in.  You’d be adding huge amounts of cash to our sluggish enconomy if you let more people marry legally.  Sure the wedding industry is ridiculous and full of overpriced useless products but, shit, what would hurt using some of that evil to help create jobs and tax revenue on the products and services provided.

And even more than all that, straight marriage is a way bigger threat to the sanctiy of marriage that gay marriage could ever be.  Heterosexuals already have an over 50% failure rate for marriages.  Maybe if we get some examples of people who have had to fight for the right to marry we might learn to value our own relationships a little bit more.

So quit being lame America and let people get married if they want to.  Don’t be such a jerk, America.


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