8 things

I got tagged therefore I am obligated to complete the following meme

8 TV Shows I watch:

  1. ANTM
  2. 30 Rock (catching up with season 2)
  3. Heroes
  4. Hollyoaks
  5. University Challenge
  6. Never Mind the Buzzcocks
  7. 90210
  8. Daily Show (one day late)


8 Favorite Restaurants (in no particular order)

  1. Sesamo
  2. Morgan M
  3. M Henry
  4. Bistrotheque
  5. The Wapping Project
  6. Lula’s
  7. Johnny’s (RIP)
  8. Hot Doug’s

8 Favorite Singers/Bands: (in no particular order)

  1. Tori Amos
  2. REM
  3. New Pornographers
  4. TV on the Radio
  5. Laura Marling
  6. Leonard Cohen
  7. Stars
  8. Arcade Fire

8 Books I have read recently:

  1. The End of Mr Y
  2. My Family and Other Animals
  3. Flowers in the Attic
  4. Lean Mean Thirteen
  5. Spring Snow (in progress)
  6. People of the Book
  7. Twelve Sharp
  8. Eleven on Top (I’ve been on a weird Janet Evanovich kick lately)

8 Things that happened yesterday:

  1. I went to work
  2. I packed
  3. The man sitting next to me on the bus totally hogged the seat
  4. Russell the physio poked at my chest and told me about American politics
  5. I succumbed to the siren call of KFC
  6. Oliver cuddled with me
  7. Jeremy left for Prague
  8. Lori emailed me and I had to school her on the ways of London (first lesson, don’t get a cab to take you a quarter of a mile)

8 Things I am looking forward to:

  1. Going to Prague
  2. Lori’s visit
  3. The next My Awesome Mixtape night (will not mix pain killers with wine, will remember everything)
  4. Only working a day and a half next week
  5. Having time to work on my writing
  6. Beer in Prague
  7. Coffee in Prague
  8. Cuddling with Oliver when I get home from Prague

8 Things I wish for:

  1. More disposable income
  2. More time to write
  3. A cheaper mortgage
  4. An all expenses paid trip to just about anywhere
  5. World peace
  6. Cancer free cigarettes
  7. Hangover free drinks
  8. More time in general

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  1. Thanks for playing along. Have fun in Prague!

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