So Prague was good.  It snowed on all but one of the days we were there.  I felt as if I was in an art nouveau snow globe.  The food was okay and the beer was great and cheap (pints for less than a £ are always okay in my book!)  We walked the entire city a couple times over, saw the castle, St Vitus Cathedral, the Vltava River, an old monastary with an amazing library (so much taxidermy!), and all of the Jewish Quarter. 

Jeremy even went to services on Friday night while I went to a cafe and drank coffee and did some writing.  I’m not 100% opposed to attending services with him but I take issue with attending when the women are separated from the men.  Yes, I know that this is part of the Orthodox way of practicing, and yes I know it is not a religion designed to welcome me, but it’s not cool that the women are relegated back to a tiny room with tiny windows that essentially only allow them to hear and maybe see a sliver of the services.  I’m not down with that.  I had a hard time in Rome when the women were separated by a screen so my discomfort in Prague was a given. 

That said the synagogues of Prague are beautiful and it’s only the New-Old Synagogue that had such severe separation of men and women.  Still, I probably would be reluctant to attend services in any of the other temples as well, perhaps I am too much a child of my time but I insist on being allowed to worship in the same space as the men.  Just one of those feminist “things” I have, I guess.  All this is moot for the time being anyhow as it’s unlikely I’ll be checking out any places of worship any time soon.  But that’s another post for another time.

So Prague was good, we also went to the Kemper Museum on our last day and it was amazing even if the balcony at the top where you can look straight down four flights of stairs to the floor of the main level was terrifying.  I’d like to go back in the springtime when the city is green and less slippery.

When we got back to London my old friend Lori was waiting at our house for us.  She was here through the week and it was really great to see her.  I’m still finding little notes hidden around the house and in my bags and pockets (one was behind the eggs in the fridge!).  We went to the Tower of London, Stonehenge, and a variety of pubs and shops around London before she left Friday morning.  Unfortunately, on Thursday night I was attacked by demon germs and am just starting to recover now after a weekend spent sleeping and coughing and sleeping and coughing.

There’s more, but my head’s not much for details at the moment, so those will have to wait.


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