O Monday!

O Monday, you are a heartbreaking day when I look back on Weekend and realize I have completed only a fraction of what I intended to do.

Maybe I should set a lower bar for the weekends.  Maybe my goals should be things like: wake up before noon, bathe, brush teeth, watch Hollyoaks omnibus.

That’s probably considerably more realistic.



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5 responses to “O Monday!

  1. So this is where you’ve moved!

    How tragic, on my part, that the first post I just cannot help but comment on is one featuring the Hollyoaks omnibus. I am working out how I am going to deal with Hollyoaks when Matthew moves in. No living adult knows I watch Hollyoaks. Well, you do now…but no-one else. Perhaps I will secretly watch it online with headphones and pretend to be studying?

  2. carolynintheuk

    but but hollyoaks is so important, it’s where i learn how to do crazy faces a la Warren Fox and it helps warn the youth of the UK off things like giant hairbows (oh micks!) and lying about sex with the elderly tony and it gives us great questions to ponder like Where do all the babies disappear to? What the hell is up with Ravi? And when will Carmel realise what a boring prick that Calvin is?

    you should never be ashamed of your Hollyoaks affection, although maybe you should look into minoring in media studies in case you need to justify it in the face of adult oppostion 😉

  3. Where DO all the babies go?? What happened to the one that the token non-skinny non-blonde inherited when her sister got shivved in prison for wrongful statutory rape when she slept with her pupil then pretended the baby was her husband’s before her husband went mental and tried to kill said token non-skinny non-blonde who he had shacked up with in the interim? Honestly, you miss an episode and whole generations disappear.

    • carolynintheuk

      oh that baby was taken away from Nancy the “punk” I use quotation marks incorrectly here to indicate that Nancy is not a punk just a funny dresser, and given to Frankie, crazy Jake’s mother and no blood relation to the baby in question AT ALL, because social services thought she was a more fit parent. So the baby now lives with Frankie and Newt the Emo but is never ever seen even though they had to move into a tiny apartment and live in near poverty after Jack faked his death and was carted off to prison. We assume he is well and sleeping in a drawer somewhere before he is needed as a plot device at a later date.

  4. Seriously? Said baby is with Emo Newt and Crazy Frankie and now, presumably, Electronically-Tagged Sexuality-Stereotype-Confused Darren? Wow, I never knew. Thank god I have found you to have these little chats with.
    PS I have missed some episodes, did Bi-Transvestite Chris have a threesome with “Punk” Nancy and her also Sexuality-Stereotype-Confused on-off boyfriend who works for did he/didn’t he near-spoucicidal murderer and skills-lacking carer, Warren? Or are they saving that for the next late nighter?

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