Holy nuts! or Danger on the 343

Last night my bus ride home turned unexpectedly violent.

I think the bus I was on almost hit a bicycle rider who then tarted to kick the bus and shout a lot when it stopped at an intersection.  Then When the cyclist was riding next to the bus the bus driver attempted to run him off the road (I saw this from my window seaton the top deck).  Following this the cyclist did more shouting and banging into the bus itself, causing many murmurs of ‘Oh my days!’ and ‘What the hell?’ from passengers.  Also causing the little boy sitting in front of me to say ‘Mummy that man was yelling fuck you, fuck you.’

So when I got off at my stop there was the irate cyclist.  He had thrown his bike down and was storming towards the bus as I hopped to the kerb.  He proceeded to kick in the front door of the bus and began shouting some more.  The bus driver shouted back and closed the doors.  The cyclist kicked them in again and shouted some more.  I called 999.  The bus driver left his little driving cubicle and assumed an old fashioned pugilist’s stance, legs spread, arms up, fists poised, and punched the cyclist square in the face.  The cyclist fell over, bleeding, and then popped back up as the driver got back onto the bus and closed the doors back up.  The angry cyclist kicked the doors in once more and grabbed something from the floor before the driver shut the doors again and drove off.

I told the police what I saw but the bus was already gone and I don’t know that they will do anything.  i just figured no matter what that it needed to be reported.  I’ve never ever witnessed anything like that in my life.  From the eerily old fashioned boxing stance to the full on rage exhibited by both men.

London is weird.


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