What the hell?

Found out on my lunch break that last week a friend of ours was attacked on his way home from the pub in our old neighbourhood (about a mile from our house) on what most people would say is the safest part of the area.

Two guys beat him with bricks and may have caused brain damage.  He will need to have reconstructive surgery starting next week.

Who does this kind of shit?  Seriously, who?



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6 responses to “What the hell?

  1. Holy crap. That is so f’ing scary. I can’t imagine what was running through the attackers’ minds when they did such a horrible thing.

    Hope your friend will be okay.

    Stay safe.

  2. kate dansette

    I don’t know what to say. That’s awful. I hope he is okay and that they catch the attacker.

  3. carolynintheuk

    thanks both for the good thoughts. We’re making some food for him and his brother this weekend (both are friends and they live in the same house) lots of smooth soups as his jaw is broken)

  4. Jesus christ! I am wishing him a speedy and safe recovery. how terrible. Do you ever get flashbacks or freak-outs when you’re walking home because of your Chicago mugging? What a f’ing horrific act – attacking a stranger. No one wants to walk around in a constant state of tension…

  5. carolynintheuk

    He’s (luckily) doing much better than expected, but still is not great. We hung out with him a bit on Saturday and, all things considered, he seemed well(ish)

    i only have residual issues with the mugging if i hear someone running towards me from behind me. otherwise it’s pretty much at the back of my brain now, although, obv, i still try not to run around at night on my own unless i have to

  6. 5of9er

    A friend of ours was mugged and roughed up on one of the safest blocks of Chicago (in the Roscoe Village neighborhood). The muggers said while putting a gun to his head to him and his date, “Don’t blame us, blame George Bush.”
    Awful times bring awful crimes. Hope your friend is okay.

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