Found out!

Stuff White People Like isn’t so far off the mark on this count

I’ll be going to one of these for New Year’s Eve.  But instead of a sweater I found a Christmas blazer.  Green velvet with bows!  I may add some extra ornamentation as well.

In other news I got found on Facebook today by someone I’ve been hoping to find myself for awhile now.  After a minor spaz I wrote her back and am feeling really hopeful and pleased. 

And in other, other news, our friend who got beat up the other week, you know, with the bricks?  He goes in for reconstructive surgery today.  He’ll get a plate in his cheek and I think a screw or two in the jaw.  So far he’s been healing quickly and well.  He’s also got a remarkable attitude about the whole situation, we saw him on Saturday and despite being on medication that made him paranoid, confused and nauseous, he was actually upbeat and positive and determined not to let the whole thing bring him down.  If it was me who took a brick to the head I don’t know if I could manage a healthy outlook so soon after it all, but then, I am prone to moping and whining.  Maybe I should work on that.

But anyhow, if you can spare some good thoughts, prayers, whatever, send them on to South East London today please as I’m sure he could use extra.



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2 responses to “Found out!

  1. Glad to hear that your friend is doing better. Perhaps the next time you visit him you should wear your Christmas Blazer! Bet he’d love that. 🙂

  2. 5 of 9er

    My family has done the ugly Christmas jumper contest ever since the release of the first Bridget Jones movie. It’s quite fun, but getting a tad bit old. My family enjoys the drinks at Christmas… so that adds to the laughs.

    Send good thoughts to South East London.

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