Don’t you get fresh with me

Yesterday, at the charity shop, I found Neneh Cherry’s Raw Like Sushi on vinyl!!  Then Jeremy was all like, who the hel is Neneh Cherry and I was all like, you idiot!  How can you not know Buffalo Stance?

He also did not know that Give Up the Funk was by Parliament.  I told him that I could divorce him right then and there and no one would ever wonder why or second guess my decision.  I told him, it’s like we’ve been living a lie all these years, you’re supposed to be the superstar music snob and you don’t even know Parliament’s most famous song?  Who are you?  I cried, Who are you?

Despite these grave misteps, we had a really awesome Christmakuh.  I gave Jeremy a cocktail recipe book and am about 60% finished with his sweater.  He gave me a pair of earrings, a ring, medal of honor and a journal.  Every morning we woke up and had bagels with creamchees capers and tomatos, and bloody marys.  We roasted lots of vegetables and made a nut roast and sherry gravy, and he got the fireplace in the living room running so we watched movies and drank cocktails and worked on our puzzle.  My new favorite cocktail is the Vodka Collins.

And now I am back at work.  No fair.


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