2009, what it will be (maybe)

So 2008 ended on a roof terrace with Japanese lanterns floating into the sky and fireworks off in the distance.  And the first day of 2009 started with a pretty bad headache, but I took some ibu profen and went back to sleep before waking up much improved.

I try not to make actual solid resolutions at the beginning of each year but somehow I still always end up making plans to do things.  They’re generally plans that stem out of existing plans and rarely big crazy attempts and grand change.

This year’s plans include:

  • finishing my first draft – to assist, attending at least one weekend retreat thing where you pay someone money to deprive you of distractions and provide you with a desk in a refurbed factory in the east end
  • starting Bikram Yoga again – I did this back in Chicago for awhile and against the odds, quite liked it, now I hear it’s good for things like arthritis and joint pains and I have those things, so I’ma do it again.
  • taking a trip someplace pretty, maybe Sicily or Greece, and spending at lesat a week doing a bunch of nothing except
  • and not smoking any more ‘social’ cigarettes anymore.  they’re still bad for me, even if they’re just social.  someone please remind me of this on the first nice day of spring when all i will want to do is lay in the park smoking cigarettes, drinking coffee and reading a book.  you know, socially.

That’s about it really.  Don’t want to extend myself too much or anything.  Maybe I should try to go to both Sicily AND Greece, just to make sure its not all work, work, work.


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