It Begins

So I started Bikram Yoga on Thursday and, seriously, it sucked.  The first session left me feeling nauseated and dizzy, totally not fun.  But I met my personal goal to at least stay in the room the whole time.  I knew it would suck, I just didn’t know how much it would suck.  I really don’t remember it being so miserable when I did it back in 2004.  But then, that was 5 years ago, so maybe I blocked it out.

Apart from the general suckage of the heat induced nausea I also discovered that my ankles have gone to crap.  Even though the arthritis is not causing my any major pain at the moment, I have lost a lot of my flexibility.  3 years of limping and gimping around have definitely left their mark on me.  The kneeling poses which I expected to be easier than the standing ones, were excruciating.  My ankles just don’t remember how to bend back anymore.

All this said, the second session I attended, on Saturday afternoon, was a lot better.  I went to TK Maxx and got some marked down sports wear courtesy of Nike and Puma and that made a huge difference.  I also did not eat for 3 hours prior to the class instead of only 2 hours.  At the start of the class I said to myself, “Okay Carolyn, today you are going to at least TRY every pose.  You don’t have to complete it, just try it.”  And I did and I did not want to die while I did it.  Sure I’m not a bendy doll like the lady in front of me, but I’m trying and I’m learning.

It all still kind of sucks, but less.  After class 2 I felt revitalized and tired rather than tired and miserable.  Also my costochondritis has not been hurting so much.  Sure all my formerly ignored muscles are all like, “Carolyn we hate you!” especially the muscles in my thighs and back, they are full of hate.  But I know that class 3 will be just a tiny bit easier.  And hopefully my ankles will lose some of their inflexibility and become all bendy and elasticated again.

Also, it is claimed that Bikram Yoga will lower my stress levels and I am all for that.  Also word on the street is that it will help me lose weight and I am also all for that.

So 2 down, a million more to go.


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  1. Mom

    This sounds pretty intense but so glad you are doing it. I hope each week gets better and that soon your body will bend like a pretzel. Proud of you for taking care of yourself. Your a good role model for me.

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