3 times, 3 times followed by comfort culinary delights

I went back to Yoga last night and it was miserable.  Seriously miserable.

The class was PACKED again and that makes the heat kick up a fair bit which leads to nausea and dizziness if you aren’t careful.  Hell, even if you are careful.  I think for the time being I need to stick to the classes that are at awkward times and therefore will not be so crowded.

That said, I can feel differences in my abilities even now.  They’re small differences true, but still.  I can tell in certain poses that I’m able to push further and/or hold position longer.  Sure I still can’t manage the kneeling poses for crap, but my standing poses are improving.  And let me tell you, I have an exemplary corpse pose. 

After class I took three buses home (a journey that is actually better than it sounds) and had a choice between eating leftover stew or making tuna noodle casserole.  When given a choice of this nature my answer is almost always tuna noodle casserole.  I fried some fresh mushrooms in butter and pepper (would have added some dried parsley but somebody whose name starts with J and rhymes with air-a-me used it all and didn’t buy more, jerk) and then added in some celery (a controversial ingredient) for extra crunch.  When the celery was just getting soft I turned off the heat. 

While this was happening I was also boiling some pasta.  Once soft I added a can of Cream of Mushroom, a can’s worth of milk and the tuna (the last time I made this, I actually forgot the tuna, it was a shameful shameful moment) and mixed together.  Next I mixed through the celery and mushrooms and then added half the mixture to a casserole dish, layered on some cheddar cheese and then topped up with the last of the mixture and did another layer of cheese.  This point is where some people add potato chips, but that is gross and I don’t sanction such outlandish behaviors.  I know, I know, I’m hardly a purist what with my additions of fresh mushrooms, celery, occasionally garlic and sometimes even parsley, but for real,putting potato chips on top of your tuna noodle makes the baby Jesus cry.  Do not do it. 

Finally, into the oven, my culinary delight went for 15 minutes at a hottish temp (around 345 F or 180-200 C) until the cheese had turned golden. 

And then the comfort food binge began.  All memories of achy limbs and torutre by yoga fled into the ether as I savoured some of the food of my youth.  I know many people remember the tuna noodle with derision, but they are wrong.  The tuna noodle should be embraced and loved.  With just the tiniest bit of tweaking it becomes a lovely meal.  Sometimes, if I feel the need to make it healthy, I add frozen peas to the mix.  I’m considering spinach for next time.  But sometimes, especially when stressed or worn out, sticking to the basics is the way to go.

Just remember to keep the bag of Lays/Ruffles/whatever closed and far away from the oven.  Seriously, it’s not okay.


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