Books and words and things


My book club meets tonight to discus Spring Snowby Yukio Mishima.  It was good but very slow moving and strangely delicate.  I don’t know if I will read the other books in The Sea of Tranquility Quad, but I am glad I read this.  Even though it had a strong central plot line running through, the book moved in a slow almost dreamlike manner, as if it were just a series of images and movements.  When I think back to the experience of reading it, it’s almost as if I’m seeing the world created by the author through a glass.

Now I need to think of some books to suggest for the next meeting.  Anybody know any good classic type books you think I ought to have read by this point?


Maybe this bit should be called Webs since it’s related to the interwebs, but it’s also about words. 

Lately, it feels like all of Port Huron (Port Huron of 1995 and earlier anyhow) is reaching out to me  from the internets (typo of internest there).  This is not a bad thing.  It is, however, a little disconcerting.  I’ve spent the last 13 years with out a whole lot of contact with anybody from the Blue Water area (family excepted, of course) and suddenly people are all over my Facebook.  Obviously a lot of them have left the area too, but my brain still puts them back at approximately age 16 in various locations (the Coney, the library, the mall, the high school, the Denny’s, the rocks by the river, wherever) in Port Huron, and this puts me back at approximately age 16 in Port Huron myself and that is weird.

It’s weird because I am not 16 in Port Huron, I am 31 in London.  I am an age I could never have imagined at 16 and in a place so far removed from where I was at 16.  I feel like there’s an onslaught of memories shifting around in my head all the time and it can be a little overwhelming.  And trust me, for me to find this overwhelming, me who will dwell in the past and nostalgia all the live long day quite happily, it’s, well, it’s overwhelming, okay?  I don’t have another word for it.

Again, not bad, generally it’s really good to hear from and about all these old friends who I’d resigned myself to having lost, but good Christmas, it can make a girl feel sort of torn between versions of herself.


This is the miscellaneous bit.

  • Back to yoga tomorrow
  • Jeremy is in Germany until tomorrow night
  • I still have plenty of tuna noodle casserole left over (yay)
  • I slept too long this morning and had to run around like a mad woman
  • I’ve not had any cigarettes, not even social ones, since new year’s eve (well done me).
  • Tunde Adebimpe from TV on the Radio used to be in a band with Mike Patton of Faith No More and Mr Bungle.  Who knew? The Guardian, that’s who, and they told me.

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