You know you’re interested in my sweat

I checked out a new Bikram Yoga Studio last night.  This one near the Old St station.  It’s smaller and a bit grottier than the one in sort of Soho that I started at but cheaper for 10-class passes and also a little bit easier to get to and from.  The one in sort of Soho had a better starter deal of 10 classes for 20 squid whereas the starter deal at Old St of 1 month for 30 squid had schedule restrictions that wouldn’t work for me. 

Anyhow, last night was my 6th class and it went really well, I’m a little achy today, but definitely feel like I’m getting the hang of this.  I no longer spend the entire class wishing for death and at the end I no longer feel totally wiped out.  Still feel fairly wiped out, but not totally.

The thing I really like about Bikram is that it’s a set series of 26 poses always done in the same order.  You start and end with breathing exercises and you do each pose twice.  This set formula allows you to get lost in the actions and focus on what your body is doing without getting distracted.  I like knowing what to expect when I walk into the studio each time. 

Once, back in Chicago, I went to an Ashtanga (I think) yoga class in Evanston and we spent a full 45 minutes focusing on our toes.  Our toes!  I spent the whole time thinking about how freaking lame that was that by the end I felt more tense than I did when I arrived.  I’m sort of bad at letting my mind clear when I’m supposed to be focusing on the stretch.  But with Bikram yoga knowing what to expect has really helped me to stop obsessing over the petty business of putting on unflattering work out clothes and sweating excessively and equally helped me focus on what my body is doing and how it is changing and adjusting.

I’ve bought a 10 class pass and my intention is to go at least 3 times a week and then someday I will be able to do all of these

number 20 is the hardest for me so far


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3 responses to “You know you’re interested in my sweat

  1. Mom

    you go yoga girl

  2. 5of9er

    I’ve always wanted to try yoga… but it is not something I want to do by myself the first time. I’m not that brave… and I am worried I’ll fart in class when trying to stretch. 🙂

  3. carolynintheuk

    9er, everybody farts in yoga. one of the poses in Bikram is actually called the Wind Releasing pose.

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