DJ Zbornak rides again

Last night was January’s installment of My Awesome Mix Tape at the Gowlett in Peckham.  Since Harvey was out of town I (DJ Zbornak) got to be one of the guest DJs for the evening.  I played about an hour and took the easy road for the evening by planning out a playlist on my Ipod and just hitting play.  Lame?  Maybe.  But it was a lot less stressfull than the already low stress method of lugging a bunch of CDs to the pub.  Also the Gowlett’s CD players are busted and I only own one record album (Neneh Cherry’s Raw Like Sushi) so I had to make do.

My playlist for the evening started off with There’s a Tear in my Beer by Hank Williams Sr, Hero/Heroine by Freakwater and Hope is a Thing with Feathers by Trailer Bride and then took  a winding road to visit the likes of  Etta James (Stop the Wedding), All Girl Summer Fun Band (Grizzly), Solex (Solex All Lickety Split), Neko Case (John Saw that Number), The White Stripes (I just Don’t Know What to do With Myself), Regina Spector (Us), Jenny Toomey (Baby Would it Matter) and, of course, The Bangles (Hazy Shade of Winter).

And sure when he said it Jeremy was a little bit tipsy but he did tell me I played “A really good set, really good, I’ma go get some Scotch now.”  And then he bobbled away.  I’m inclined to  agree with him, but then I did play a bunch of my favorite songs, so I would.



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4 responses to “DJ Zbornak rides again

  1. T.O.M

    Excellent lead off song – you’re back in the will!

  2. 5of9er

    YEA for Freakwater!!! Way to go!!! 🙂

  3. myunemployedlife

    And… Having Neneh Cherry’s Raw Like Sushi as your only 12″ is not a bad thing.

  4. carolynintheuk

    Hey Old Man, like there will be anything in your will after you blow all your cash on HAM radio excursions! And paying off your crazy neighbor.

    9er, Freakwater is sorely underappreciated! Hero/Heroine is one of my all time favorite songs

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