For Real

So Willie is here for a visit and this month he brought with him mood swings and a replica of Mt Vesuvius on my chin.  “Oh Carolyn,” I hear you say, “Don’t exaggerate.  Mt Vesuvius is much too big to fit on your chin.”

Well, let me tell you, patronizing voice in my head, I have seen Mt Vesuvius and I have seen the impressive zit on my chin, and I can assure you that they are roughly the same size!  There’re probably a fair few ruins just waiting to be excavated in the lower right hand corner of my face.  Just around the corner from Vesuvius 2: Electric Boogaloo there might even be a pizza place and a wacky European disco.  Sometime this evening I may have to make evacuation announcements.

I’m sorry.  I’ve gone too far with the metaphor and taken it from trite to full on annoying.  You deserve better, dear reader(s).  To quote the classic coming of age movie My Girl  “Go Away! And don’t come back for five to seven days!”


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