Blue party

So on Saturday some friends are having a fancy dress party.  The theme is blue.  I have three options, two I already own and one that involves wigs

  1. A vintage dress that used to belong to my Great Grandma.  It is both blue and sparkly
  2. My wedding dress is a blue party dress from the late 50’s.  It would also do.
  3. Go down to Rye Lane and buy a blonde wig and some hippie-ish clothes and go as Joni Mitchell

What do you think dear reader(s)?  Make this decision for me, I am too weakened by the stresses of every day life to think for myself.  Oh woe.



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3 responses to “Blue party

  1. H

    my vote is for the blue & sparkly vintage

  2. 5of9er

    How many people can say the wore their wedding dress twice? Go for the wedding dress!!!

    Also, this shin-dig should of been held on Blue Monday.

  3. I’m voting for the wedding dress. I always think I’ll wear mine again but it hasn’t actually happened yet. This is your chance!

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