Snow day

You may have heard the news, but just in case you didn’t, I am here to tell you that we had a snow day on Monday.  Approximately 6 inches of snow shut London down.  All the buses stopped running and so did most of the trainsimg_2113.  So London and much of the UK got a snow day.  It was the worst snow in 18 years after all.  Jeremy and I woke up normally, ascertained that we would not be able to leave SE15 without way too much work on our parts and then went out for a walk and some breakfast before coming home to keep an eye on work emails during regular working hours.

That picture up there is me in the wooded bit of Peckham Rye Common the big park  near our house at about 8 in the morning on Monday.  After a breakfast of overcooked (and delicious) cheese omelets and chips we built a snowman named Frank and chatted with all the other people who were out gawping in awe at all the snow.  It was pretty funny.  Everyone turned sort of Midwestern for the day.  We all smiled at each other and talked to strangers.  Shouted encouragement and advice regarding snowman construction.  I told a little boy not to eat any yellow snow.  People were having snowball fights and amking snow angels and everyone was taking pictures of everything.  It all erased my recent london related aggro and seemed to make everyone forget that we just came through the shortest darkest days of the year that were mostly rainy and grey and dark by 3:30 in the afternoon.

Even though it seems self indulgent to my Midwestern sensibilities t o say so, I think we all needed to snow day. Also, it gave me an excuse to wear my blue motorcycle boots and that equals awesome.



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3 responses to “Snow day

  1. I would kill to have been there for the snowfall, so freaking AWESOME, and 10 times better than being stuck in Baltimore.

  2. That photo is really beautiful. I love your blue boots!

  3. carolynintheuk

    cath, sadly it is all melted now

    thanks, Alannah! Jeremy took the picture, I like how the snow flakes showed up really nicely in the flash. I love my blue boots too, it was pretty sweet to have an excuse to wear them. I wore them in the rain today too, but had to change into boring heels when i got to work.

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