Un-Snow Day

Since last week there has been no more snow.  There has only been rain.  Wait, I take that back, we had approximately 15 minutes of sunshine on Sunday.  Then it rained.

So my metaphorical sunshine right now is this.  That’s right, this May I will finally get to see both the Breeders and Throwing Muses.  Also Bon Iver, Kimya Dawson, Deerhunter (who are supposed to be very good) and many others.  Sure Shellac will be there, and in case you didn’t know, I have strong angry feelings whenever Shellac start tuning their stupid guitars (not as bad as how I feel about DuChamp, but still not good!) But while Shellac play I will have the option of going to the pub, or the wave pool, or the lazy river, or BOWLING!  I think there might be something to be said for a music festival at a holiday camp.  Although I do have fears about the amount of pasty white dude bellies I’ll be subjected to at the wave pool, I am pretty sure that with enough beer I will manage.


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