So, if you followed me here from Blogspot you may recall this entry about Arcade Fire and my old best friend from high school.

I’m here to bring you some updates today. 

In December I got a facebook message from said old best friend, it was totally unexpected and after a few intitial moments of panic (because I prefer to react to everything with panic, that is, after all, how I roll ) I wrote her back with a much abbreviated version of the Arcade Fire anecdote and we began again. 

This new beginning has been an epic adventure in correspondence, both electronic and paper based, from those first Facebook messages we’ve moved to email missives from both work and home accounts and then letters back and forth detailing the events of the last 13 years.  I sent her 13 typewritten pages and she sent me back 27 handwritten.  Plus a notebook of responses that we’ll be passing back and forth.

Plus she sent me these awesome saint cards from a Mexican restaurant in Port Huron.  I need to figure out a way to put them on my wall.

Jeremy’s been making fun of me because when I got the letter (whilst the tiniest bit drunk) I sat up into the wee hours to read it and then spent much of the next day all Heidi this and Heidi that.  We were eating breakfast at the Old Nun’s Head and he was like, “You know, I’ve reunited with old friends before and never been this giddy about it.”  And I was like, “That’s because you don’t understand! We were BEST friends.”  And we was all, yeah whatever Heavenly Creatures.  No he didn’t really say that, but it was implied in his look.  Implied, I tell you.

In an interesting twist Heidi did not see the entry linked above until she told her husband a couple weeks ago, “You can’t find me on the internet, i’m unfindable!” (that was a bit of imagined dialogue) and he came back to her with a link to my old blog, I like to imagine he said Boo yah! but I accept that other people do not use as much dated slang as I do.

Heidi has asked me to correct one point from the previous entry.  Port Huron Northern High School did not, as I stated, play Smells Like Teen Spirit as part of their field show, it was in fact our own marching band, the Big Red Marching Machine, who committed this atrocity.  In defense of my lapsed memory, at the time I had been relegated to the purgatory of JV band and was not yet allowed on the field (it could be argued that I should never have been allowed on the field).  Also, Northerm definitely did play a version of Whoomp, There It Is and that’s way worse than the BRMM’s misguided attempts at grunge.


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  1. H

    With the lights out its less dangerous
    Here we are now, entertain us
    I feel stupid and contagious
    Here we are now, entertain us

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