First Great Book of the Year (read by me)

When Will there be Good News by Kate Atkinson

Technically it was published last year, but I just finished reading it at lunch today.  I wish that i had even a smidgen of Atkinson’s talent.  A friend recommended that I read Behind the Scenes at the Museum back in 2004 and it totally blew me away.  When she started to move more solidly into mystery/crime writing with Case Histories I was sceptical, but was won over pretty quickly.  I enjoyed One Good Turn as well, actually I bought it without reading the back of the book, just saw the name Atkinson and said, Hello book, let’s read, and was very happy with the results.  I think I may need to read both of those again.  I don’t remember having such an explosion of awe upon finishing them, but that’s what I felt today as I closed this book and set it down on my lunch table and then laid my head on top of my library book and thought, oh wow.

I love and hate that feeling.  Love it because it’s amazing to experience something great and because it spurs me on to do my own thing.  Hate it because it just serves to remind me what I’m not doing right now and how I wish I didn’t have to be trolling through a 396 line spreadsheet all day today when I could be at home with a cup of coffee sitting at my computer attempting to make something that may be even a fraction as good.


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