Hold on, hold on

I finally finally got to see Neko Case play a live show last night!  SHe has been a favorite of mine for quite some time but I kept missing her shows somehow.  Back in Chicago it always seemed there would be another chance and then we moved and even though she toured back in 2006 I managed to miss it and foolishly assumed she would be performing with the New Pornographers when I saw them at 93 Feet East after their ATP show.  But she did not.  And so I waited.  And waited and waited and waited.  Until a few weeks ago my friend David called me up and said “Hey Carolyn, Neko Case is playing at Bush Hall on 23 Feb wanna go?” and I said YES!

Bush Hall is a teeny tiny venue that holds maybe 500 people, it’s an old dance hall with chandeliers and ornate moldings.  The last time Ms Case played London she played at a venue that is about 3X as big.  The show was, unsrprisingly, sold out.  She’d cancelled her last few shows due to sickness so we were a little bit worried tonight would be cancelled as well, but happily, it was now.  And even more happily, it was really good.  She did not sing, John Saw That Number, which made me sad, but she did sing Wish I Was the Moon (which also made me sad, but in a good way), Maybe Sparrow, That Teenage Feeling, and Margaret Vs. Pauline plus lots of new songs and plenty other older ones, and I was happy.  Kelly Hogan did backing vocals (another singer I’ve missed despite being a big fan) and their voices blended really well.

It was a very good show and I am very glad I was able to attend.  Hooray.

Her new album is released next week.  Double hooray.


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  1. Ooooh, I love Kelly Hogan. I used to go see her all the time when she lived here in Atlanta. I miss those shows, in a teeny bar for five bucks.

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