Out of London

So our intended trip to Italy in April is off.  This sucks.  Because, you know, I really really like Italy.  Like, a lot.  Hopefully we will be able to go in the Autumn.

Since this trip has been cancelled we decided to make a smaller trip at the end of this month.  We discussed Amsterdam and Brugges and Ghent but then decided to return to an old favorite.  Paris.  Snobby, shabby, extravagant, wonderful Paris.

It’ll only be a three day trip, we’ll take the Eurostar over first thing on Thursday the 26th and return on Sunday morning, but it will still be good to go someplace else.  Somplace else with delicious pastries and coffee and wine and wonderful culinary experiences.  Someplace else with all sorts of new art to see.  Someplace else with beautiful gardens and promenades. 

In a happy coincidence I purchased this coat and these tights the day before we booked our tickets so I am going to be totally cute as we wonder around gay Paree.  Maybe I will find a hat whilst wondering, a proper Parisian chapeau to complete my look.

Ah Paris, I will see you next week.



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2 responses to “Out of London

  1. Oh to be able to travel around in Europe. I so envy you!!

  2. Mom

    That coat is really sweet.
    Tights are very Paris.
    Take lots of pics for us.

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