Holy Crap!

The internet works!  My mom sent me flower seeds (and tax information) in the mail. All because of one mopey blog post.  Thanks Mom!

Other holy crap worthy points of interest:

  1. We have had 5 full days of sun in London.  It has been nice.
  2. One week from right this very second I will be in Paris and I will have some sort of pastry based item in my hand. 
  3. An old high school acquaintance thought I had a daughter because I posted an old picture of myself playing with the Star Wars Ewok village as my profile photo on Facebook. 
  4. Oliver tried to choke me by sleeping on my neck this morning.  I was too tired to move him and nearly died.  It was harrowing.

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One response to “Holy Crap!

  1. Mom

    you are too funny
    i saw the comment about how cute your daughter was but felt it was best to remain quiet
    oliver might be punishing you because he knows you are leaving him again

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