Sartorial discussions regarding my youth:

Email from my friend HP to me:

Speaking of that BRMM trip* – I found an awesome pic of all of us before they set us free in Boston for that afternoon of wandering in the sun.  I’ll get it up for all to see – bad hair, questionable fashion, braces, the Dorkiness is cranked to 11, seriously – as soon as I get the scanner to work again. 

From me to HP:

Oh god, was I wearing either a baggy t shirt, men’s suit vest or both?  Because I’ve come to realize that that combo pretty much made up the whole of my wardrobe.

HP’s Response:


I can’t really tell what you’re wearing under that big ol’ trench of yours, but I’d bet baggy tshirt & vest, if’n I had to put $ on it.

Later that same day:

Over Vietnamese food in Shoreditch (Hanoi Cafe on Kingsland Road = AWESOME!) I say to Jeremy,  “So then she writes back, I can’t really tell what you’re wearing under that big ol’ trench of yours.” And hang my head in shame over my noodles.


He responds, “What was with you always dressing like an old man back then anyhow?”


To which I respond, “I liked ugly things, it was the 90’s,  we were kooky!’


*BRMM = The Big Red Marching Machine.  The Big Red Marching Machine = the marching band from my Alma Mater, Port Huron High School.  The trip in question was a 5 day trip, via bus, to Boston for a marching band competition.  If I remember correctly we placed in the top 3 (nothing to do with me, I probably just pretended to play and tried to stay in step) we were also allowed to roam free in Boston for one entire day during which I purchased one oversized t shirt with the word Harmony on it and one black and white checkerboard mini skirt, very mod and feminine considering my normal slouchy old man style.  This skirt would later go on to be paired, often, with a black velour short sleeved mock turtle neck, white bobby socks and chunky oxblood and black saddle shoe style shoes that I purchased from Showtime (where I also purchased my Manic Panic, Punky Colors and many a vintage frock and polyester blouse) after working two jobs and attending school full time in the summer of 98.  So now you know.



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3 responses to “Sartorial discussions regarding my youth:

  1. H

    HA! Guess what?! I looked closer…I can tell sorta what you’re wearing.

    Remember that big ol’ irish-esque white button up sweater you had? You’re wearing that over a white oversized t-shirt.

    As you say: It was the 90s & we were kooky.

  2. carolynintheuk

    oh man, i think that sweater featured prominently in one of my senior pictures, matched up with converse all stars and my gypsy skirt and about five hemp based necklaces or chokers. FASHION!

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