Postcard from Paris

Dear friends and/or family,

Carolyn would liked to apologize (again) for not buying/sending postcards from her recent trip.  Unfortunately, she was too busy eating crepes and drinking cider and wine to stop at one of the 5 million souvenir shops in Paris to buy you a post card.  She did think of all of you though.  She often said, “Oh don’t let me forget to buy postcards!”  Unfortunately someone who’s name starts with a J and rhymes with Airuhmee DID let her forget to buy postcards.  Luckily, the internet is here to save the day.  So let this series of pictures of Carolyn and Jeremy, taken at the Palais de Tokyo (the modernest of all modern art spaces and full of some of the wankiest art in the world (seriously, Du Champ would be all like, “Are you taking the piss?”) but home to delicious deserts, a Tesla coil and a photo booth) serve as your official Parisian postcard.  Imagine you too are eating delicious crepes, drinking tiny cups of coffee, and looking at feats of architecture, just was we were before taking this series of slightly goofy pictures.

Please also know that Paris was awesome.  We didn’t take enough pictures but we had a really good time.  We took naps every day, we saw the catacombs below the city.  We went to Musee’ D’Orsay and the Louvre.  Jeremy bought some new trousers from a guy who is originally from LA.  We ate a lot of delicious food, drank a lot of delicious wine and coffee and on Saturday Jeremy wasn’t allowed to disagree with me all day.  except for about 15 minutes at 11:45 pm when he was slightly tipsy and forgot the rules.

More stories to come.  Don’t let me forget about Maurice Quay.

Hope you all had really awesome weekends too.  Sorry if crepes and Breton Cider weren’t prominently featured.




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