Conversations at the Louvre

So the Louvre is open until 10pm on Fridays.  This past Friday we got there at around 8 and decided to check out the wing with Dutch and Flemish paintings from the 16th-17th centuries and also to check out some nearby French paintings as this was a time period we were not especially familiar with.  Friday was an educational day as we spent the early afternoon with the Impressionists at Musee d’Orsay, where I found a new appreciation for Monet and Jeremy and I both discovered that we really liked some paintings by Bonnard and that Art Nouveau furniture and interiors will make you want to die from beauty overload.  But back to the Louvre.

Scene 1:

Scene opens: Our intrepid world travellers enter a gallery at the Louvre at apporximately 9:15.  Carolyn goes to peer, respectfully, at a painting on the far wall.

Jeremy: Hey, Carolyn, come here?

Carolyn: Yeah?

Jeremy: What’s this look like? (points to picture)

Carolyn: I don’t know sort of like George Washington.

Jeremy: Meets Rodney Dangerfield!  What are ya talkin’ about Martha?

End Scene.

Scene 2:

Scene opens: Our intrepid world travellers enter yet another gallery at the Louvre and separate to look at different paintings

Jeremy: Hey Carolyn, come here! (Gestures at a painting bearing only the name of the artist, Henri-Francois Riesener and the name of the painting, Maurice Quay) Needs no explanation.

Carolyn: Yeah, he’s moving to Brooklyn next week, but first his band is gonna play a few shows.  Probably at some small clubs here and maybe one in Shoreditch. They’ll probably get signed right away.

Jeremy: If we ever start a band, we’re totally naming it Maurice Quay!

Carolyn: Will our first single still be 6000 Rulers, 1000 Clocks?

Jeremy: Well, yeah.


And really, it’s best not to even bring up the painting of the monkey painting a picture, we were well past coherency by then.


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