More stories from Paris

So on Thursday night we were walking back to our hotel from our restaurant near the opera house.  I had wild boar and gnocchi in  a red wine sauce.  Jeremy had cheese canneloni, starters were vegetable antipasti and stuffed roasted aubergine.  Dessert, roasted mango with lemon ice cream and a cheese plate.  Wine from Cotes du Rhone. 

ANYHOW.  We were walking back and all of a sudden we started to hear Don’t Stop Me Now  by Queen blaring out of a car ahead of us waiting for the light to change.  And, as you do when you hear one of the greatest Queen songs of all time, we both said ‘Yes!’ and started jumping around and dancing and singing along.  Because it was Queen!  Don’t Stop Me Now!  It’s like a law, you cannot stand still if you hear Queen.  So we’re dancing along and we pass the car that is blaring the song at top volume and I look over, ready for an international moment of awesome, I’m ready to give a cheesy thumbs up to whomever it is who brought us the music, and there in his car sits this sad sack bastard staring straight ahead looking like someone just killed his new puppy.

This was posssibly the saddest thing I have ever seen in my life.  How can you maintain a poker face when Freddie Mercury is doing his best to bring you such joy?  How?  It’s just disrespectful to Freddie’s memory, really. The French, they’ve just got no clue sometimes.


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