My life is like a country western song, no joke.

Seriously, this is worse than my dog getting run over, my truck getting stolen and my wife leaving me all combined together.

They’ve moved the office vending machine.

Yesterday at around 10:45 in the AM I was feeling a bit peckish, so I thought, “Hmm, I shall choose one of the healthier snacks from the office vending machine, not a Kit Kat or a Twix, oh no, I will have some crackers, yes, that will be delicious and good for me! Hooray!”  So I stood up from my lowly desk and walked over to where the vending machine ought to be but when I got there IT WAS GONE!  In it’s place an empty space and a missing bit of carpet next to the copier.  I came back to my desk forlorn and asked my coworkers if they had noticed this sad absence.  They had and they too, were filled with sorrow, because even if you don’t use the vending machine it’s always nice to know it’s there, waiting for you with an unhealthy meal of potato chips and Diet Coke at the ready, maybe a Mint Aero for dessert if you’re feeling kooky.

Later we learned that one of the new people on the floor (there was recently a minor exodus (how’s that for a passover reference?) of staff from another building) complained that the vending machine made too much noise and asked that it be removed.  Selfish cow.  Now the vending machine lives out past the elevator bay and near the middle stairwell.  It’s not that far away, but neither is it as close as it once was. Sure I’ll probably lose ten pounds in the next week without having snack city so close at hand, but I loved snack city the way a yodelling cowboy loves 4X4.

Goodbye Vending Machine, know that you were loved.


4th floor Vending Machine, 8 July 2006 – 7 April 2009.  Happy trails to you.

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One response to “My life is like a country western song, no joke.

  1. Mom

    Just when I am down
    lower than low, lousy with all the weight of the world on my shoulders
    I find someone with a problem worse than mine
    How dare they move your vending machine
    those bankers are a bunch a crooks and not to be trusted
    sorry for your loss
    but thanks for the laugh
    I needed it more than you will ever know

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