Poor little scrapper

The lean mean sleeping machineSo a few months ago we heard through the Nunhead grapevine that Oliver had sent another cat to the vet in brawl.  I don’t entirely trust the veracity of this report as it come from an elderly woman with suspect eyesight, but neither would I dismiss it out of hand.  There are a lot of cats in our neighborhood and as a result there are often battles over territory.  Oliver likes to regulate the feline traffic in our tiny garden, that’s how he earns his keep.  If those other cats (Bob and Tabby I’m looking at you) want to challenge him then they need to accept the potential danger inherent in making such a decision. It’s a hard knocks world out there and sadly Oliver the half monkey half cat took a knock last week.

At first we just thought he was feeling poorly as he was sleeping extra and had no desire to go outside, so I switched up his food and he seemed to improve, then on Thursday he came home with a pronounced limp in his back left foot.  By Friday it was worse, and we essentially had a three legged cat so on Saturday we wrangled Oliver into his carrier and took the 2 bus journey to the vet. 

Luckily they were able to see us right away and according to the vet it looks like the monkey got in a fight and somebody bit his foot and it got infected.  So she gave him a shot of antibiotics (along with a worm pill just to be safe, the little dude had a traumatic Saturday) and gave us instructions to keep him in until he stops limping.  Oliver is tremendously unhappy with this decision and has been letting me know exactly how unhappy he is by spraying the walls.  I’m really hoping that by tomorrow he’ll be able to use his foot again because otherwise I might have to give him to one of the bad kids from the school next to our house.

All in all though, it’s been very sad watching him limp around the house as he meows pathetically by the door.  Fingers crossed that he’ll be fully mended soon before we both go crazy.



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2 responses to “Poor little scrapper

  1. Oh boy. That sounds like our Linus. Thinks he can tangle with neighborhood cats, but these entanglements always end up with a trip to the vet and a round of antibiotics. One time he almost got beaten up by a bird. Seriously. He thinks he’s tough, but he’s just a big nerd.

    • carolynintheuk

      aw poor linus. one of the cats i grew up with used to get divebombed by the birds on our street all the time, occasionally he would come home with white bird doo in his fur when they would take the attacks to the next level.

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