Things I didn’t do this year

So my big goal for last year was to finish the first draft of my book.  Yeah, that hasn’t happened.  I have a good chunk of the lousy thing done, but it definitely isn’t finished.  But this year, I tell you, THIS YEAR, is going to be my year.  the first draft is going to be done.  Finito!  And then I will start the fun part of the process (she said sarcastically) the editing.  And I’m not setting a time line for the editing because editing is miserable.  Well, miserable and fun in a weird way.  And I know it’s where all my story threads will start to tie up and come together and it’s the part of the process where I can begin manipulating the characters more, rather than being manipulated by them as I currently am (Who knew Marcy would end up a born again Christian?  Not me, she just suddenly started lecturing Abby on squandering her light! Where’s that girl get off anyhow?).

So for now I keep plugging away at the draft, finishing before April 19th 2010 is a totally reasonable goal and I can do it.

In the meantime, I keep thinking of trying to write a romance novel as a side project.  Something really tawdry and fun, but before I do that I need a pseudonym. Maybe Esme’ Delacroix or Stacie Malibu.    Any suggestions?  A good fake name will be vital to my trashy novel writing future.


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  1. keri

    oohhh i can’t wait to read the novel. good luck and we’ll hold you to the deadline. 😉

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