Complaint file

  1. I am supposed to be in Italy right now.  I should have seen David Byrne live last night and should be on my way to Sicily.  Right now.  Sadly I am at work in London.  And not that London isn’t great, it is great, but it is not Italy.  The coffee from the machine in the kitchen is not anywhere near the quality of the coffee I OUGHT to be drinking right now.
  2. My bus was in a minor 2 bus collision this morning which delayed us by about 15 minutes while the drivers discussed what had happened and then decided to go on as normal.  This caused much tooth sucking on the upper deck of the northbound 63. 
  3. It is really sunny and nice out and I am stuck at work.  That sucks. I should be sitting in the park reading a book right now.
  4. I am supposed to be in Italy!  Italy!  Right now!  My desk is not a suitable substitution for Sicily.  Not in a million kabillion years.


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2 responses to “Complaint file

  1. This sucks beyond sucking.

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