10 Songs that remind me of . . .

  1. My wedding — Don’t Falter at the Altar by Cab Calloway, The Luckiest by Ben Folds and She’s an Angel by They Might be Giants.  The first was played as people were sitting down before the service.  Jeremy had known since the first time he heard this song as a kid that he wanted it played at the wedding.  The second played as I walked down the aisle, it’s probably my favorite love song (well maybe tied with Bird on a Wire).  The third was the song we danced our first dance to.  There was lots of twirling
  2. The first boy I ever dated — Undone (The Sweater Song) by Weezer.  We used to recite this back and forth at each other.  Before he turned into a jerk.  But still, even though he turned into a jerk, it was sort of sweet.
  3. My first real heartbreak — Since I Been Loving You by Led Zeppelin.  I still feel a little ill when I hear this song.  It’s a great song but it makes me really really sad.
  4. Living in Detroit — Isobel by Bjork.  Bjork was always moving music, also the first time I went to 3 Floors of Fun at St Andy’s they were playing Bjork when we walked in the door and I was so psyched to be at a dance club that was actually playing music I liked.
  5. Living in Las Vegas — She’s a Jar by Wilco.  Summerteeth was probably the first CD I bought after moving and She’s a Jar just felt like I was feeling at the time, sort of sad and confused.
  6. Living in Chicago — Call the Doctor by Sleater Kinney.  It was on the walk from The Metro to the Addison El Station that I looked up at the moon and realized, hey Chicago won’t be like Detroit, and that’s okay, Chicago will be something new and awesome all on it’s own and I will be ready for it.  I may have had a few G&Ts at the show before this realization, but it still holds true. 
  7. Moving to London — Letter to an Occupant by The New Pornograpghers.  Mass Romantic was the last album I listened to before the movers came to take our stuff away.  I threw it in the CD box and they tossed it into the truck and there I was with Letter to an Occupant stuck in my head for 30 days.
  8. Freedom — Here Comes Your Man by The Pixies.  After moving into my second apartment in Detroit, the massive one where I lived with two boys on Ferry St near the Nursing Admin building after living with three girls who I had very little in common with.  The apartment on Ferry St was a breath of smoke filled fresh air.  On the rare occasions that I was home alone I would put Doolittle in and skip straight to Here Comes Your Man, turn the volume up as high as possible, light a cigarette, and then dance up and down the crooked green and white hallway and just felt pure joy.
  9. Getting my tattoo  — Hero/Heroine by Freakwater Renee was on a Freakwater kick that week so we drove up 8 Mile in the sun looking for the tattoo place listening to this song over and over
  10. Driving cross country — Ring of Fire by Johnny Cash.  I had this mixtape that I listened to the whole way back to Michigan.  Ring of Fire always perked me up when it came on and I would shout along with Johnny despite my chronic bronchitis and the howling cats in carriers next to me on the front seat of my U Haul.  There was also a song that I think was called Jesus on the Dashboard but I can’t remember who it was by right now I just remember it was awesome.

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