all of the stuff

  1. I gardened the hell out of our tiny little postage stamp garden this weekend.  Most notably, I finally won my battle against the jasmine vines planted by the hippies who owned our house before the previous owner, Charles, whose view on gardening was one of neglect.  So the hippies planted the jasmine and then Charles let it go mad and for the last two years I have been hacking at it and chopping and snipping and considering purchasing a machete in order to keep it from pulling down the fence.  On Sunday I finally managed, after much huffing and puffing and Sleater-Kinney on the I-Pod to yank out the massive root of the plant.  Jeremy was making lasagne whilst I was hacking away at this malicious vine base and when I finally got it out I held it up to him as if I were Herod displaying the head of John the Baptist to his hussy of a step daughter and said, “If at any point, I ever say to you, ‘Hey, jasmine is really pretty let’s plant some in our garden.’ you totally have permission to punch me in the face.  Hard.”  He said, “Duly noted.” and I threw the root into the brown wheelie bin specially designated for garden waste.  Once the gardne area was cleared and the soil turned we added compost to the garden bed and dicovered a massive slug had been living in the compost bag.  After we both shout “Ugh!” in unison we moved him to a new home in the wheelie bin as well where he can feast on our garden waste and soon be given access to all the garden waste in Southwark. Then we planted tomatoes, chillies, Swiss Chard, Strawberries (in a separate container), Pumpkin (also in a separate container), chives, two kinds of basil (purple and greek) and greek oregano.  All of these have been watered and fed with seaweed based plant food and now we must cross our fingers and hope they flourish.
  2. I saw a new rheumatologist on Thursday of last week.  Dr Ma.  She was very nice but really had nothing new to say.  Yes, I will probably have arthritis forever.  If it gets worse again we will need to look into oral steroids (not a particularly enticing option as they suppress the immune system). No, there isn’t much more to be done about it.  None of this is unexpected news.  None of it is even news really.  It’s still sort of depressing though.
  3. I got my birthday laptop (belatedly) this weekend and I love it!  Now I just need to cover it in stickers.  I have a bunch of Shepard Fairey stickers for it but will be on a hunt for others.  I also need to choose a name for my belated birthday laptop, any suggestions are welcome.
  4. This coming weekend is ATP as curated by the Breeders.  I can not wait.
  5. The weekend following that we are going back to America.  First to Boston and then to Michigan.  I’ve already got my traditional nerves about the trip back.  That vague sense of returning to the crime.  It’ll be nice to see Boston again and spend some time there.  And it will also be nice to troll around Detroit for a bit.  We’ll be celebrating our 5 year (5 years?  How did that happen?) anniversary at the Whitney in Detroit.
  6. We watched The Crying Game and Something Wild this weekend.  i am still digesting my thoughts on both of them.

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  1. My daughter brought in a slug when she was 3, announcing, “Look, Mom, isn’t it cute?” Now she’s 22 and works summers in a garden department at Home Depot. She still thinks slugs are cute, but at least she leaves them outside!

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