So this winter I was all gloaty because I only had a few weeks of arthritic pain.  I was all like, ooh look at me and my mostly working joints, I’m so fancy , I’m practically a normal 31 year old (because I was still 31 in the winter).  I am now being punished.  My left sacroiliac joint (the ass) has been hurting on and off for the last week and starting yesterday it’s bgun to feel like someone is pinching me hard whenever I’m sitting down.  This makes working at the office (where I sit approx 90% of the time) kind of a pain, to put it lightly.

I left early yesterday and finished the day from home where I just spent an hour with a heat pad and am now loading on some comfrey root lotion.  I am also dosed up on indomethicin and cocodamol.  So basically, I’m spacy and smell like an old person.  Awesome.

I think at this point it’s safe to say that my arthritis is kind of a bully.  It knows I’m going to ATP this weekend and back to the states next weekend and it’s keen to keep me from having too much fun.

Positives in the situation:  working from home is nice, my new laptop is making it even nicer since it allows me to shift around, Oliver has been very cuddly, and I get to listen to music while I work (She&Him right now, Neko Case on deck, Sarah Harmer earlier).

Still.  I’d rather not feel like I was being kicked constantly.  I know, I’m so fussy.


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