Brought to you by the letter M, for MUSIC

  1. Jarvis Cocker is a grumpy old man and he hates everyone and it’s kind of awesome.  His kids are markedly less pretentious.
  2. ATP ATP ATP ATP ATP ATP ATP ATP ATP!!!!!!!!! The Breeders and X and Bon Iver and Teenage Fanclub and Tricky and Throwing Muses and Kimya Dawson and knitting with Kelley Deal and it all starts tomorrow.  Also there will be movies and beer and the sea and a wave pool and a bowling alley and it will be a vacation!  Yay!
  3. I’ve been using my new laptop lately and haven’t yet installed i tunes on it so as a result have been listening to older cds while I am TCB on the internets.  Recent rediscoveries include: Leona Naess, Matthew Sweet, and Sarah Harmer.  It was wrong of me to be so neglectful of them (especially the Girlfriend album, that this is pop genius).
  4. This article in the Onion’s AV Club mentions two of my favorite things: M Henry and Dolly Parton

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