The Old Grey Mare

It is possible, just maybe, that at my office I have something of a reputation as a nag.  It is possible that I use cultural stereotypes about Americans to be ever so slightly more brash than I would normally be in my every day life.

It’s not that I like being thought of as that cow who won’t stop calling, or that over-reacting obnoxious mid-westerner, I really don’t, but the fact is that when I don’t nag and harrass things don’t get done.  Temps don’t get hired and I end up doing even more work.

And the fact is that in this situation I did nag.  I nagged the day before I left for the states, just not enough.  When I was talking to one of my higher ups today about it and said, “Oh I guess I just didn’t nag enough,” he just laughed at me.  He doesn’t care, he’ll be working for another company in 3 weeks time when we all TUPE (AGAIN!) and he’ll never have to hear my nasally tones again.  He probably says a prayer of thanks to the baby Jesus every night.

Okay, let’s look for a bright side here.  At least when I do nag, enough, I usually get what I need.  That’s a pretty crap bright side. Okay how about this, none of my coworkers smells like va-jay and dirty feet anymore.  That’s a very good thing, it’ll have to do for now.

At least I haven’t had to use my super powerful American tears to get my way at the office yet.  I’ve got no problem using them on the NHS but it would be unethical to use them in the office.

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