Ghetto Blaster!

This weekend we had a wander around Shoreditch.  We took the 78 from Nunhead to it’s final stop next to the Shoreditch church and had eggs at a little cafe where they also had tiny delicious strawberries and cream tarts.  I drank milky coffee with my eggs and ham on rye toast and then we walked over to Redchurch St where there are lots of goofball galleries and shops.  At an antique shop we told the owner (a man in very funny trousers with lots of extraneous (I assume) buttons) about Detroit and discussed the capitalist spirit of America with him (he was for it). Then we went into a shop called Retro Kitsch where there were lots of clothes and gentleman’s magazines (the sort with boobs) and, most importantly, an Interfunk ghetto blaster priced at £35 (Jeremy’s ebay boombox hunts found prices upwards of $100 for similar items, making the Interfunk a STEAL!).  The Interfunk has two working tape players and a radio.  The antenna is still in place.  We tested it and made sure both decks worked and then we gave the man behind the counter his 35 quid.

Yesterday I went home early because my stomach was angry and my head was pounding and I spent much of the afternoon listening to cassette tapes purchased in the early to mid 90s (oh Madder Rose, how I missed you!) and mix tapes made by friends.  Tonight I need to read Empire of the Sun as my book club is meeting on Thursday and I think this will give me a prime opportunity to start going through all the unlabelled mix tapes ratttling around in the previously ignored cassette tape drawer.  And, you know, maybe just listen to some stuff I haven’t heard in awhile too.

All hail the Interfunk!


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