Ooh la la, Sassoon

Last night’s foray into ye olde cassette tape collection did not uncover the road trip tape but did pull Beck’s Odelay! out of the drawer.

My memories of first hearing this album are directly tied to moving back to Port Huron after my first year away at college.  For some reason I listened to Odelay! and Jeff Buckley’s Grace over and over as I rode my bike around town the first few week’s I was back.  Odelay! was probably the healthier choice for me as it was about 100X happier than any other cassette in my 300 strong collection.  The experience of riding my bike down Taylor St (the street just over from the one I lived on) to Odelay! was drastically different from the same route as soundtracked by Grace.  One required pedaling as fast as I could and then coasting through the shade and sunlight while standing, legs fully extended, and just enjoying the beauty of a Summer day.  The other was more of a meander through dappled light, maybe while smoking a cigarette, and floating back through nostalgia as I passed the houses of old friends and enemies.

I replaced Grace on cd but for some silly reason have only ever had Odelay! on tape.  Putting it in last night was something of a time warp, but an awesome time warp.  It’s perfect music for all sorts of situations: bike riding, prepping a stir fry, whipping cream for dessert, or dancing like a maniac. 

The second tape I got out was labeled Girly Tunes! and was recorded in early-mid 2000 when I was living in a dismal one bedroom apartment on Twain Ave in Las Vegas, NV.  I haven’t listened to the whole thing yet and I don’t appear to have made a track listing, but so far it is heavy on the Cub.  This is aggressively sweet music with some growly guitars in spots, I think I probably recorded it both to help pull myself out of the funk I had descended into (and not the P-funk kind, more the depressing kind) and to act as partial soundtrack on my drive back to the Midwest.  I’m looking forward to hearing the rest of it and re-discovering the tunes I felt were essential during that period in my life.

On deck: Strange Tales from Bohemia, a mix tape made for me by my Cousin Chris full of Canadian music with occasional appearances from 10,000 Maniac and Billy Bragg.  Also a tape I made titled Muzak from Vegas.


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